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History of the Schlampis

-1992 first contact with the Schlampis

The artist Simone van gen Hassend finds the Schlampis. They fall from the sky, as she was walking on a meadow in Münster. The Schlampis are only a few centimeters tall. They looking for contact with humans beeings, but Simone van gen Hassend is the only one, who understands their language. To find a connection to the public she organizes the " Schlampi exhibition ". But the expected resonance is missing. The Schlampis disappear. (Schlampi-catalogue)

-1996 "the return of the Schlampis"

The Schlampis return to the earth. They land in a spaceship at the Aasee in Münster. They are now 3 meters tall.

-1996/97 Video "The return of the Schlampis"

The video documents the landing of the spaceship on earth. They leave their spaceship. Today it is called Wewerka pavilion and is used as showroom.

-1998 "The Schlampis come to Dietzenbach"

Town-planning project for Dietzenbach in co-operation with osa (Ulrich Beckefeld, Oliver Langbein, Anja Ohliger; TU Darmstadt) Dietzenbach, a suburb of Frankfurt, has a reputation for being a social trouble spot with a high crime rate - no center, many sky scrapers, isolation of the citizens because of the missing tram link to Frankfurt... The project designates the presence of 30 meters tall Schlampis in Dietzenbach. Growing together the place is accelerated by the identification of the inhabitants with the Schlampis and with their homeland. The Schlampis become an identification figure for the citizens and help them to identify with their hometown. Dietzenbach becomes a desired place of pilgrimage for humans from all countries.. . (catalogue: Central-concept for the emptiness in the center of Dietzenbach). For the preparation of the project the Schlampis visit Dietzenbach in November 1998. The citizens of Dietzenbach take up direct contact with the Schlampis for the first time and touch their fur. The population is enthusiastic about the Schlampis, the mayor and the municipal council of Dietzenbach are fascinated too.

-1999 video "Contact with the Schlampis"
The video clarifies the Schlampis' plan of to promote togetherness though their presence
-2000 "Internet project: Contact with the Schlampi's"

Simone van gen Hassend recives the message to arrange the spreading of the Schlampis on planet earth. As the Contactperson of the Schlampis, she is responsible for public relations and thus acts as a mediator between the Schlampis and human beings. Stations in all important metropolis on earth are planned. Their expansion can be observed in the internet via webcam. The possibility of sending messages through the internet makes communication with the Schlampis and the "earthlings" a main aspect of the project.